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Kathy Severns Ohannesian began painting a few years ago after a 47 year hiatus. Her love of the arts dates back to her high school days, where she was introduced to art and explored many different mediums. Now retired and with her family grown, her artistic side has had time to explore the visual arts. Severns has always enjoyed the outdoors and paints expressing the beauty that surrounds the countryside where she lives.

The artist paints in a modern impressionist style, using acrylics and oils. Painting in the plein air or from photos she has taken, Severns finishes her paintings in her home studio. She expresses herself using bright colors and texture in a very free, painterly style, as she builds the paint into layers. These layers consist of light and shadow that vibrate with energy and strength, capturing the beauty of California.

Inspired by Claude Monet, Edger Payne, Ted Goerschner, Karl Dempwolf and Willian Hook, Severns draws on natural beauty with layers of complex colors as they guide her approach to color, composition and texture. The artist captures the beauty that lingers, sometimes just for a moment as the light is caught between the leaves or in the softness of the gleaming moss on an old oak tree after a rain.

With an artistic eye, Kathy Severns Ohannesian has explored many different types of art from photography and watercolor to tailored custom horse show design. Her impressionist landscape paintings show her creative eclectic side and natural ability to capture what the eye sees in the normal, in a romantic and colorful way.

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