"Abstract art is the representation in palpable form of ideas or feelings that themselves are not necessarily abstract, but immaterial." - Peter London

It is these immaterial and internal ideas and feelings that I explore through my art. I love that "things" can be metaphors for greater truths and I'm always in search of the meaning beneath the surface. I am intrigued by the form, line, and patterns found in nature and of the story they tell. Not the obvious one that defines an object, but the narrative that portrays the intangible, the veiled, the mysterious. The way, for example, peeling bark tells me not merely about the tree or the nature of bark, but also about revelation, truth telling, and transparency. I see the universality of these designs as a convergence of the physical world and the spiritual; where the physical world provides a window into wisdom, understanding, and truth. I use designs in nature as well as pure abstraction to explore our world and the human experience. Abstraction removes the predictability of what I already know so I might discover the unexpected. I divide my time between painting and working as an RN in the Recovery Room at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

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