2018 - Monday April 23 through Thursday April 27 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE!)

Location TBD

Painting Focus under discussion.

The new plan for this year will be a short commute location.

Our PaintOut Scouting Team will identify some great potential paint sites.

There is no firm schedule for the PaintAway and no instruction. Just Paint, sleep, Paint, eat, Paint and talk about Paint. Transportation and accommodations are your own responsibility. If you wish to stay at the target residence and share a room, please make your own arrangements with your fellow artists.


If you plan on joining the PaintAway, please let Mona Fusco (fuscofarm at verizon netknow so that we can be sure we sync up on site. 

Weather permitting the tentative schedule is:

Monday: travel, late afternoon sketches(or skip Monday paints)

Tuesday: paint location am tbd, pm perhaps sunset

Wednesday: paint location tbd, perhaps Moss Landing

Thursday: am quick paint near residence, travel home



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